A privately held company owned and operated by recognized experts in the field of embossing, engraving and machinery manufacturing


What sets us apart:

  • Job 1 is to keep our customer's producing the best possible product at a competitive price.
  • Our library of pristeen new Passaic Engraving tools and engraving stands.
  • We have the knowledge and expertise to analyze your specific requests and manufacture custom equipment to meet your processing requirements.
  • Our products are manufactured in the USA with domestic components
  • Our employees average over 20 years of application specific experience. 
  • We are partners with the premier producer of roll forming, metal processing and automated manufacturing systems - the Bradbury Corporation, with full access to their world class machining and production facilities. www.bradburygroup.com
  • Our decisions on process and components are based on hands on knowledge of what works! 
  • Our employees are our biggest asset. They are treated honestly and with respect. It shows in their work and our results!

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We manufacture and service all makes of embossers,  embossing machines, engraved rolls, oil heated rolls, calenders, calendering machinery, calendering systems, herringbone gears, electrically heated rolls, laser engraved rolls, induction heated rolls, Tokuden rolls, tactile analysis, renderings, custom machinery, embossing rolls, etched rolls, patterned rolls, composite and wood plastic deck board embossing rolls, textured rolls, paper filled rolls, laser engraved rolls, nylon covered rolls, resilient rolls, PVC , Polypro, Polyester embossers, coining rolls, densifiers, laminators, coining rolls, ordnance rolls, schreiner rolls, point bonding rolls, pin to pin rolls, fluid heat transfer systems, ultrasonic welding and bonding rolls, battery separator film calenders, leather embossing plates and rolls, Memco, Passaic Engraving, sampling rolls, etching, nested rolls and mating rolls. Our services include pattern development and analysis, texture modification, machine rebuilding, on site etching and adjustments, hand engraving and roll replacement.

Need more information?

Please contact us at 804 798-1199. We are ready to take on your most demanding projects.